M Series
98 Series
Se Series
Bevel Gear Actuators
fire Protection Actuators
o ARThrust Unit includes Bronze    Stem Nut, can be threaded
   or machined by customer
o Sealed to IP67
o Supplied with "Hammer Blow"
   feature to help loosen stiff    valves
o Motor Drive Flanges
   available in MSS SP-102
o DE 2V Series has two ratios:
   first with higher reduction
   for locking second for    completing this
   operation quickly
o Miter Gear Operators available
   to align handwheel to
   threaded stem
o 220 to 22,000 ft-lbs torque    range
o Thrust capabilities to
   675,000 lbs
o Housing can be sealed by
   the valve stem protection
   tube or plug
o Ideal for multi-turn applications
o Rising or non-rising
   stem designs
o Optional Input Padlock Flange

Manual & Motorizable

Mastergear Bevel Gear Operators are used for multi-turn applications, gate, globe valves, and sluice gates. Designs are for either rising or non-rising stems.
Torque ranges from 220 ft-lbs to 22,000 ft-lbs and thrust
capabilities to 675,000 lbs. Gearboxes are provided in
either manual or motorizable versions.
Mastergear Bevel Gear Operators
are completely weatherproof to IP67.The housing can
be sealed by the valve stem protection tube or plug.

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