M Series Actuator
98 Series
SE Series
Bevel Gear Actuators

o Sealed to IP67
o Maintenance Free
o Optional Input Padlock Flange
o Optional Output Drivebushings
o Self Locking/High Efficiency    Gears
o High Mechanical Advantage
o Cast Iron Enclosure
o 90° ± 5° (Adjustable) Travel
o To 47,500 in-lbs Output Torque
o 7 Frame Sizes
o 50% Grease Filled for Life
o Capability to Withstand
   Overload to Twice Maximum
   Output Torque Rating
o -40°F to +176°F Temperature    Range For Continuous    Operation
o Versatility for Direct Mounting
   to Valve
o M05 & M07 have integral    drivebushings


Actuator Cast Iron
1/4 Turn Gearboxes for
Manual Operation

The cast iron construction and rugged design of the Mastergear M series range of manual valve actuators has been engineered to meet the arduous requirements demanded of industrial environments. Through corrosion resistant treatment of bare metal surfaces, a paint finish and the use of lip seals with multiple sealing surfaces, the M range is sealed to IP67 and achieves exceptional durability. Models M07 to M16 use high performance axial needle roller bearings, which combined with a one-piece input wormshaft, maximizes the available mechanical advantage and overall unit efficiency.
M Series

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