Cast or Ductile iron construction. High performance series with 21 frame sizes up to 2.5 million in.-lbs. (270,000 Nm) of output torque.
High strength aluminum alloy construction with 4 frame sizes up to 9000 in.-lbs.(1,000 Nm) of output torque. This all-purpose product line has long been a favorite of butterfly valve makers.
Cast iron/stamped steel construction. Economy series with 3 frame sizes up to 9000 in.-lbs.
(1,000 Nm) of output torque.
For gate valves and sluice gates with rugged cast iron construction in 11 frame sizes up to 264,000 in.-lbs. (31,000 Nm) of output torque and 675,000 lbs. (3,000 kN) of thrust.
Designed for manual override of pneumatic and hydraulic quarter turn actuators with 3 different designs and 23 models, up to 1.0 million in.-lbs.(114,000 Nm) of output torque.
Designed specifically for fire protection valves.
In three frame sizes up to 5,000 in.-lbs. (550 Nm)
of output torque.
Mastergear products can be outfitted with a number of accessories such as padlock flanges, chainwheels,
external switches and memory stops.

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